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Information Technology is the main growth engine of our time and offers unprecedented opportunities for the future – and we from IT VENTURE PARTNERS, INC. are part of it!

IT Investments 路 Startup Incubator 路 Web Services 路 Cyber Security 路 Online Marketing 路 Social Media Influencer Management

IT VENTURE PARTNERS is a US American Stock Company founded by young and young at heart IT addicted people from more than 10 nations.

IT Investments & Startup Incubator

We develop and build Internet projects and technology companies globally, and we invest in other companies, software products, mobile apps, domains and online projects. Our startup incubator can increase the odds that an idea gets transformed to a successful business.

IT Consulting & Web Services

Our company provides an array of customised IT solutions & services such as web designing, development of mobile applications & software, domain trade, content management, search engine optimization (SEO), emailing campaigns and much more.

Influencer Management

Our blogger & influencer management and marketing department represents top social media influencers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. and offers marketing campaigns, social strategies and comunity management.

Cyber Security & Digital Forensics

We are also offering computer forensic investigation services and cyber security solutions to professionals and private clients, helping them investigate criminal cyber activities and protect computer systems, phones, social networks, apps, online shopping sites, etc.

Why is it worth investing in our company? Because we are not completely dependent on the income of only ONE single product or single service, but we own more than 50 companies, web projects, Internet domains and brand names, and additionally we hold investments in other companies!

Investment offer

Alternative investments have garnered greater attention as interest rates continue to remain at historic lows, leaving next to nothing for investors to earn from CD’s, bonds, hedge funds, derivatives, real estate, etc.

Buy our shares and earn

One of the best alternative is to buy our company shares to support our daily efforts and activities. Thus, you gain profits that are high above the common average, you will receive a GUARANTEED dividend payment!

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