IT Investments & Startup Incubator

We design, build, manage, buy, sell and invest in global Technology Companies, Software Products, Mobile Apps, Internet Domains, Online Projects and much more. Our Startup Incubator can increase the Odds that an Idea gets transformed to a successful Business.

IT Consulting & Web Services

Our Company provides an Array of customised IT Solutions & Services such as Web Designing, Development of Mobile Applications & Software, Domain Trade, Content Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Emailing Campaigns and much more.

Influencer Management

Our Blogger & Influencer Management and Marketing Department represents Top Social Media Influencers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat,, etc. and offers Marketing Campaigns, Social Strategies and Comunity Management.

Cyber Security & Digital Forensics

We are also offering Computer Forensic Investigation Services and Cyber Security Solutions to Professionals and Private Clients, helping them investigate Criminal Cyber Activities and protect Computer Systems, Phones, Social Networks, Apps, Online Shopping Sites, etc.

A small Excerpt from our Portfolio

IT Security Systems

IT Security Systems

High Security Technology Partnerships with ISPs, TELCOs & Managed Service Provider

WordPress Services

WordPress Services

8x in Europe, 4x in USA/Canada (Web & Software Development, Online Marketing)

Viral Website

Viral Website

Weird News, strange and odd News Stories, interesting Articles, funny Videos

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

Search Engine Optimization, Web Content, Linkbuilding, Social Media Marketing

Social Network

Social Network

Enterprise Microblogging Software for Companies and Institutions

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Our Team

We are an international Team of Professionals whose Passion is to create the most innovative Solutions and to offer the best Services for our Clients

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