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IT VENTURE PARTNERS is an US American Stock Company consisting of young and young at Heart IT addicted People from more than 10 Nations. Please take a Look at our full Range of Services:


We take Part in Corporate Investments of innovative and international operating Technology Companies, either by Venture Capital or by exchanging Shares. IT VENTURE PARTNERS is always interested in national and international Web Portals and E-Commerce Shops, Mobile Apps, Internet Domains as well as future-oriented IT Solutions by People with great Ideas.


Providing Office Space, Marketing Assistance, Press Office, Human Resources, Legal and Financial Consultancy, Commercial Strategies, Business Plans, Access to Angel Investors or Venture Capital.


Since more than 20 Years we specialize in Programming and Design of professional Web Sites, Development of Mobile Applications and Software, Social Media Marketing, Domain Trade, Web-Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Advertising Campaigns, E-Mailing, Graphic Design, Online Shop Systems, Computer Maintenance and global IT Security. We have supported hundreds of Companies in all IT Management Areas and created thousands of Internet Projects around the World. Millions of Users are visiting our Sites and Portals, and we have highly qualified Staff in our Offices.


Our Blogger & Influencer Management and Marketing Departments are representing Top Social Media Influencers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Musical.ly, etc. and offering Marketing Campaigns, Social Strategies and Comunity Management.


IT Venture Partners, Inc. is also offering reliable and high-quality Computer Forensic Investigation Services and Cyber Security Solutions to Companies, Professionals and Private Clients around the World, helping them investigate Data Thefts, Cyber Frauds and similar Criminal Activities, and helping to protect Computer Systems, Tablets, Phones, Social Networks, Apps, Online Shopping Sites and much more.

We are an international Team of Professionals whose Passion is to create the most innovative Solutions and to offer the best Services for our Clients

For the initial Contact please send us a Message and we'll pass it to the respective Department that will get in Touch with you. Thank you.

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